Garage Door Installation

Are you looking for a wood or aluminum garage door for a new home in Chestermere, AB? Do you want to replace the existing overhead or roll up door? In either case, we are the team to call to provide you the new door and install it for you. We have been providing garage door installation in Chestermere, Alberta, for years. All techs on our team have the expertise to install any type of residential door irrespective of its type, size, and material. And our company, Garage Door Repair Chestermere, will make sure you get a high quality door by one of the most renowned brands worldwide.Garage Door Installation Chestermere

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One of the best reasons for new garage door installation is enhanced curb appeal. You need a new door to match the architectural design of your home but still remain resistant and provide security. All brands we work with focus on quality and so any door you choose will meet such criteria. What we can offer and install includes:

  • Aluminum and steel garage doors. Whether roll up or sectional, we can install them accurately. You can also get energy efficient metal doors with the ideal r-value and u-value factors.
  • Wind load doors. These are special doors, which are designed to withstand wind impact. So they are tested accordingly and reinforced with bars and low steel gauge parts.
  • Wood garage doors whether they are sectional or carriage models. They provide a warm look at your residence but need more maintenance than other materials.
  • Composite doors which offer the warmth of wood and the strength of steel doors since they are actually made of steel but have a layer of wood covering their surface.
  • Glass doors for those who want a trendy, more modern look. There are many glass choices, ranging from clear to milk glass. The glass panels are safe since they are tempered and their frame is usually made of aluminum.

Whichever door you want, we provide. Along we provide garage door installation Chestermere service and make sure your door along with its opener, spring, and other parts are all property fitted. Want a free estimate? Call us.

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